10 Inspirational Women That Really Changed History  0

There are millions who’ve made a difference, but here are just 10 we think are really special. These are the women that made real change happen in the world and it’s about time that we recognised that. If you agree with the list or think we missed anyone out, please comment on Facebook with your recommendation.

Andy Cohen Has Revealed Which Real Housewives He’d Invite To His Dream Dinner Party  0

I know, it seems like most of us would probably find it difficult to figure out who to invite to our dream real housewives dinner party, either because we’re not that huge a fan or because that sort of thing takes a lot of time to decide. However, when Andy Cohen was recently asked, he answered with such speed it’s like he’s thought about it in the past.

“Dorinda, Erika Jayne, Shereé, Gizelle from Potomac and Tamra.” Without thinking, these five names shot out of him in an interview, explicitly asking the man to decide right there. In a way, that is very impressive!

So, there we have it. That is Andy Cohen’s dream housewives dinner party. Who would you be inviting to your dream dinner party? Remember, you’re only allowed five of them, but it doesn’t matter if they’re past or present!

Story sourced from People.

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Mothers Are Getting Breastfeeding Tattoos To Highlight Their Solidarity With Nursing Mothers  0

To some, it may seem like a lot of fuss about nothing, while others look at it as one of the most important topics in the modern world! Essentially, some see a nursing mother as a natural thing while others believe it should only go on behind closed doors. Others, couldn’t care less.

Mothers have decided to take their own stand, choosing to use their body as a canvas of support for those women who would like to nurse while out in public.

Rather than seeing it as a problem that must be hidden, they look upon breastfeeding as all natural.

To anyone made uncomfortable by public breastfeeding, these tattoos say, “who cares?” What do you think?

Story and images sourced from TheSun.

It’s Time To Get Your Shower Door Sparkling And Keep It That Way  0

Seeing as we use the shower every day to get ourselves clean, it seems ironic that the shower door is one of the hardest places in your home to keep clean! For most people, the shower door is covered in smears and fingerprints, something that can only be alleviated temporarily until the next shower.







Thankfully, there’s always a way around stuff like this, and you’ll be surprised by how simple it is.

Now, it might seem like a pain, but one of the ways to get around smears on your shower door is to buy a squeegee and use it on the door every day. I know, too much work, right? But, you’ll be surprised by how quickly this little task can go!








If you’re struggling to keep the smears away, despite your daily squeegeeing, it’s time to turn to the white vinegar. Spray the vinegar onto your shower door, leave for thirty minutes, and you’ll be able to wipe the soap scum away!

Story and images sourced from stuff.co

5 Cleaning Hacks To Ease Your Spring Cleaning Experience  0

The internet has turned cleaning from a marathon into a sprint. There are so many ways to make your cleaning life easier these days that you’ve got no excuse not to throw some of these cleaning hacks into your spring cleaning experience.











Rather than just being for food, your microwave can also be used to sanitize your sponges by filling them with water and placing them in the microwave for a minute.

Lint Roller










You can use your Lint Roller to clean delicate lampshades that would otherwise be damaged. A great way to keep the dirt and grime away.

Olive Oil










If your stainless steel surfaces are looking cloudy and struggling with grime, you can use olive oil. Throw some on a cloth and you will be able to easily remove smears and fingerprints.











While vacuuming, sprinkle some cinnamon onto your carpets and it will leave your home smelling wonderous!

Laundry Detergent










As long as you use a detergent without bleach, it will work perfectly as a solution to dirty wooden surfaces and concrete paving. Works perfectly with a pressure washer!

Do You Clean These Often Forgotten Areas Of Your Home?  0

As much as we like to be thorough, there’s always something that we manage to miss as we clean. Making your way through the whole house can be tiring, which will lead to mistakes! These are just some of the places that people will often forget to clean.


  1. Underneath The Sofa

You’re making your way around the room when you get to the sofa. You look it up and down, knowing immediately that there’s no way you’re manoeuvring yourself so that you’re holding up the sofa while attempting to vacuum up the dust underneath. We’ll do it “next time.”








2. Skirting Boards

We’re starting to see a pattern here. Essentially, anytime we need to bend over to clean, we probably won’t bother with it. If you need to get on your hands and needs, we almost DEFINITELY won’t!









3. Inside The Oven

Okay, this one is definitely because of the effort that goes into scrubbing away the grime. For those out there who never clean their oven, Google a cleaning hack, because they’re definitely out there.









4. Behind The Toilet

I actually understand this one. Looking at the dust covered toilet rolls that have been discarded behind there can be hugely disheartening. Who needs the back of the toilet clean anyway?!









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4 Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier  0

Look, life is hard, and cleaning isn’t any different. While we can’t tell you how to make life easier, we can definitely make cleaning a lot easier for you.


  1. Getting stains off the toilet doesn’t have to be as unpleasant as you think. With citric acid, all you have to do is pour it into the bowl, close the lid and walk away. Do it overnight and flush it in the morning. You’ll be amazed.






2. Use Method Steel for Real on your sink and you’ll see the shine almost immediately. Spray it on and wipe it away. It’s that easy!










3. If you’re struggling with mould in your grouting, you may want to put off dealing with it indefinitely. Rather than doing that, mix up some soda crystals with water and rub it across the tiles. Rinse it away and the mould should come away with it.








4. Looking for a more natural way to clean your carpet? This is less of a hack and more of a recommendation, but get on Google and find yourself an eco-friendly carpet cleaner. Powder your carpet with granules and then work them in with a brush. Then you can just vacuum it away.







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Would You Clean Naked To Make £45 An Hour?  0

There are a lot of weird jobs out there that none of us know anything about. While most of us have run of the mill jobs, some people have jobs that would surprise you. We’re not talking about the chocolate taster role you’ve all been hearing about, but the sort of stuff that none of you would do!








Reckon you’d be able to strip off and clean someone’s house? What if I told you you’d be making a minimum of £45 an hour? Suddenly changes things doesn’t it! Believe it or not, but there’s a company that is looking for “Naturist Cleaners” that are willing to clean in the nude for their customers. Sounds a little dodgy, but apparently the firm has a strict set of rules, which includes no touching, no photographs and no videos.

All images sourced from LeicesterMercury.



You Won’t Believe These CRAZY Cleaning Hacks!  0

If you’re looking for a way to use the things around your home to keep it clean, then you’ve come to the right place. These hacks may seem a little bizarre, but we promise that they’ll work.


  1. Keep away from chemicals and unpleasant smells by using Baking Soda and Vinegar to unclog your drains. This one is perfect for anyone with pets or small children!

2. If you’re struggling to clean your chopping boards and want an easy solution, sprinkle some salt onto it and start to rub away with half a lemon. We know it sounds weird, but something about the citrus and how it mixes with the salt will leave your chopping boards looking perfect!

3. Believe it or not, but your washing machine can get pretty dirty. If you’re looking for an easy fix, pour half a cup of mouthwash in there and set it to run. This will both clean and disinfect it. Just make sure you remember to take the clothes out first!

4. Shower heads can get pretty gross. Not only can they start to look and smell bad, they can actually make you really ill! This is easy to remedy, though. Fill a sandwich bag with distilled white vinegar and a drop or two of lemon essential oil. Wrap it around your showerhead and leave it overnight. You’ll be surprised by how much dirt and scum this pulls away!

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Italian Woman Faces Time For Not Doing Enough Work Around The House  0

I rarely write about housework and find myself getting angry, but this is definitely one of the times where I’ve let my feelings get the better of me. According to media reports, there is a 40-year-old woman that is currently facing six years in jail for the supposed mistreatment of her family. Before we get into how insanely vague a challenge this is to level at someone in court, this whole thing started when her husband made a legal complaint of poor management of the household chores. Part of this complaint was that he was forced to live in conditions of poor hygiene for two years, while also being subject to verbal abuse and neglect.

It’s well known that Italian women are expected to much more housework than they are in many other countries, with statistics to back that up, but this feels like it’s taking it way too far. Why didn’t the man start to clean up? Pick up a mop! You were never forced to live anywhere with poor hygiene, you chose to. There is no legal obligation on any gender to keep the house clean, and quite right. If this woman is found guilty, it will prove a dangerous precedent.